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Coventry ( KOV-ən-tree or KUV) is a city in the West Midlands, England. It is on the River Sherbourne. Coventry has been a large settlement for centuries, although it was not founded and given its city status until the Middle Ages. The city is governed by Coventry City Council.

Formerly part of Warwickshire until 1451, Coventry had a population of 345,300 at the 2021 census, making it the tenth largest city in England and the 12th largest in the United Kingdom. It is the second largest city in the West Midlands region, after Birmingham, from which it is separated by an area of green belt known as the Meriden Gap, and the third largest in the Midlands after Birmingham and Leicester. The city is part of a larger conurbation known as the Coventry and Bedworth Urban Area, which in 2020 had an estimated population of 422,188.

Coventry is 17 miles (27 km) east-south-east of Birmingham, 22 miles (35 km) south-west of Leicester, 9 miles (14 km) north of Warwick and 86 miles (138 km) north-west of London. Coventry is also the most central city in England, being only 12 miles (19 km) south-west of the country’s geographical centre in Leicestershire.

Coventry became an important and wealthy city of national importance during the Middle Ages. Later it became an important industrial centre, becoming home to a large bicycle industry in the 19th century, in the 20th century it became a major centre of the British motor industry, this made it a target for German air raids during the Second World War, and in November 1940, much of the historic city centre was destroyed by a large air raid. The city was rebuilt after the war, and the motor industry thrived until the mid-1970s, though by the late-1970s/early-1980s Coventry was in an economic crisis and amongst the country’s highest levels of unemployment due to major plant closures and the collapse of the respective local supply-chain. In recent years Coventry has seen regeneration and an increase in population. The city has three universities: Coventry University in the city centre, the University of Warwick on the southern outskirts and the smaller private Arden University with its headquarters close to Coventry Airport.

Coventry was awarded UK City of Culture for 2021.

Top rated driving schools within 5 miles of Coventry, West Midlands

Business Name Rating Categories Phone Number Address
Andy1st Driving SchoolAndy1st Driving School
1 review
Driving Schools +448009247444 7 The Bentree, Coventry CV3 1DT, United Kingdom
Smart Learner Driving SchoolSmart Learner Driving School
1 review
Driving Schools +448001182001 24 Kingsford Road, Coventry CV6 3LP, United Kingdom
Michael School Of MotoringMichael School Of Motoring
2 reviews
Driving Schools 308 Grange Road, Longford, Coventry CV6 6DE, United Kingdom
Grand Prix Driving SchoolGrand Prix Driving School
1 review
Driving Schools +447973669303 26 Wright Street, Coventry CV1 5HN, United Kingdom
Sky Blue Driving School CoventrySky Blue Driving School Coventry
1 review
Driving Schools +447956178299 Flat 3 Sullivan Court, Sullivan Rd, Coventry CV6, United Kingdom

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Common questions asked by learner drivers in Coventry

Q: How much is a 2 hour driving lesson in UK?
A: 2 hour driving lesson in the UK typically costs around £40.

Q: How much is the driving theory test in UK?
A: The driving theory test in the UK typically costs around £23.

Q: Can you learn to drive in a week?
A: It is possible to learn to drive in a week, but it is not recommended. It is better to take your time and learn at a pace that suits you.

Q: How many lessons do you need to pass the driving test?
A: There is no set number of lessons you need to pass the driving test, as everyone learns at a different pace. However, it is typically recommended that you have at least 20 hours of professional driving lessons, plus additional private practice, before taking your test.

Q: How long is a driving test?
A: The driving test in the UK lasts around 40 minutes.

Q: How many lessons does a first time driver need?
A: A first time driver typically needs around 30 hours of professional driving lessons, plus additional private practice, before taking their driving test.

Q: What happens if a learner driver is caught alone in the UK?
A: If a learner driver is caught driving alone in the UK, they will face a fine of up to £1,000 and their driving licence will be revoked.

Q: Is UK driving licence hard to get?
A: The driving licence process in the UK is not particularly difficult, but it is important to make sure you are well prepared before taking your test.

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