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Drumchapel (Scottish Gaelic: Druim a’ Chapaill), known locally as ‘The Drum’, is a district in the north-west of the city of Glasgow, Scotland. It borders Bearsden (in East Dunbartonshire) to the north-east and Drumry (part of Clydebank, in West Dunbartonshire) to the south-west, as well as Blairdardie, Garscadden, Knightswood and Yoker in Glasgow to the south; land to the north (including the Garscadden Woodlands) is undeveloped and includes the course of the Roman-era Antonine Wall. The name derives from the Gaelic meaning ‘the ridge of the horse’.

As part of the overspill policy of Glasgow Corporation, a huge housing estate was built here in the 1950s to house 34,000 people, the land having been annexed from Dunbartonshire in 1938 – it is this estate that is now most associated with Drumchapel, despite there already being a neighbourhood to the south of Drumchapel railway station known by the same name, made up of affluent suburban villas; this is now known as Old Drumchapel.

Drumchapel is one of the ‘Big Four’ post-war social housing schemes in Glasgow, along with Easterhouse, Castlemilk and Greater Pollok. All are similar in terms of architecture and planning, and have tended to suffer from a similar range of enduring social problems, notably anti-social behaviour and degeneration of often poorly constructed post-war housing. However, the area remains popular with many of its residents and more recently there has been substantial private investment including the construction of new housing developments in the north-west of the district.

Top rated driving schools within 5 miles of Drumchapel, Glasgow

Business Name Rating Categories Phone Number Address
Anniesland Driving CentreAnniesland Driving Centre
3 reviews
Driving Schools +441389382250 Clydebank G81, United Kingdom
1st pass driving school1st pass driving school
1 review
Driving Schools +448004118824 Paisley PA1 1UA, United Kingdom
Driveaide Driving SchoolsDriveaide Driving Schools
1 review
Driving Schools 3 Attlee Avenue, Clydebank G81 2SB, United Kingdom
Really Good Driving School GlasgowReally Good Driving School Glasgow
2 reviews
Driving Schools +447703575448 39 Corbie Place, Milngavie, Glasgow G62 7NB, United Kingdom
Accelerate Driving TuitionAccelerate Driving Tuition
2 reviews
Driving Schools +448000288271 42 Arnhall Place, Lanarkshire, Glasgow G52 1PT, United Kingdom

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Common questions asked by learner drivers in Drumchapel

Q: How much is a 2 hour driving lesson in UK?
A: 2 hour driving lesson in the UK typically costs around £40.

Q: How much is the driving theory test in UK?
A: The driving theory test in the UK typically costs around £23.

Q: Can you learn to drive in a week?
A: It is possible to learn to drive in a week, but it is not recommended. It is better to take your time and learn at a pace that suits you.

Q: How many lessons do you need to pass the driving test?
A: There is no set number of lessons you need to pass the driving test, as everyone learns at a different pace. However, it is typically recommended that you have at least 20 hours of professional driving lessons, plus additional private practice, before taking your test.

Q: How long is a driving test?
A: The driving test in the UK lasts around 40 minutes.

Q: How many lessons does a first time driver need?
A: A first time driver typically needs around 30 hours of professional driving lessons, plus additional private practice, before taking their driving test.

Q: What happens if a learner driver is caught alone in the UK?
A: If a learner driver is caught driving alone in the UK, they will face a fine of up to £1,000 and their driving licence will be revoked.

Q: Is UK driving licence hard to get?
A: The driving licence process in the UK is not particularly difficult, but it is important to make sure you are well prepared before taking your test.

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